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FAQs on Moving Companies

While choosing a moving company, many people gets a little bit flummoxed about how to choose a moving company, how to select the best from the blot, how to hold talks with them etc. these are certainly some of the important steps which is to be followed carefully because this paves the fate of your moving. So let’s see, some of the frequently asked questions about moving companies and let’s try to find their answers.

Q: How to choose a suitable moving company?
A: While choosing a moving company, it is necessary to choose such company which would cater to your moving needs. The decision of choosing any company is a personal decision; however, there you can get contacts of good moving companies through reputation or recommendation. In case you are seeking for a long distance move the company should have all the facilities for providing such services smoothly. In case you are seeking for an international move, then your choice of the company should be specialized in these kinds of moves. You can even take suggestions and recommendations from your realtors and real estate agents because they can have some contacts of these moving companies.

Q: At which the moving company should be contacted?
A: It is better to decide on your moving company before 4-8 weeks of moving. In case you are not planning ahead then there is every chance that most of the moving companies will remain book so it is better ton approach them as soon as possible. Shortlist you moving date as fast as possible because then only you can visit a moving company and suggest then your date of moving. It is important to remember that mostly in weekends or during month ends, the bookings of the companies remains high and they charges more for these premium timings. So avoid these periods and go for off peak season or days. You can even get discounts on weekdays or on busy days.

Q: What topics should be discussed with the moving companies?
A: Some of the important points which are to be discussed with the moving companies are:

• The moving date
• Type of move (locally, interstate or international)
• Packing help, materials, or self packed services
• Hiring of vehicle for moving
• Need of storage facilities
• The availability of the stuff
• The insurance amount

Q: What about the registration of the moving companies?
A: Most of the moving companies are registered with the Department of Transportation and they carry a DOT number. Moreover most of the moving companies which provide interstate services are insured or licensed. You can all the information from the Department Of Transportation, including the location of their headquarters, registration status, contact information etc.

Q: What is the information a moving company must provide?
A: The information which should be obtained from the moving companies are:

• Copy of written estimate
• Copy of the UD DOT publication
• Copy of the order for services
• Contact information for any kind of complaints
• Copy of the bill of lading during the moving day
• Copy of a complete freight bill or Bill of lading upon the delivery of the product

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